Tuesday, June 9, 2009

photography assesment two of the final photos

using the human body as a landscape

vimeo is good

vimeo is good. that is all.




this is really good if you cant afford magazines. art magazines are waaay too expensive. even if they are printed on nice thick eco paper.

music videos

im really enjoying music videos at the moment particularly the kills ones. they just always look so damn good. this is for the song cheap and cheerful i like the way it feels all scratchy. damn fine song.

charles bukowski

LOGS by Charles Bukowski from Judas on Vimeo.

a really good blog to follow


this is an awesome blog to look at i try to as much as i remember. it has so much stuff on it from around the world and i always find new artists that are really interesting to check out. go looksie!

looking at the world through lines and shapes

photos of a carparts shop after a fire destroyed it.